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Mowbray Fireplaces have installed several systems of different configurations, (i.e) gas, solid fuel, solar, electric & oil.

For a solution and advice to multi-fuel heating systems, please contact our office on 01664 410291

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thermalintegration eco-equipped


At Thermal Integration we design & manufacture pre-fabricated hot water and central heating systems and equipment, producing systems to suit almost any domestic or commercial application.

We have a long history as designers, holding patents and awards for some of the most efficient systems around.  Combining our own designs with the full complement of standard systems, we can supply units to suit virtually any installation, domestic or commercial.



Eco-Equipped thermal stores combine heat sources to meet your whole-house heating and hot water demand.

With rising fuel costs, an Energy Efficient thermal store cylinder can really make the most of solar thermal or solid fuel appliance, such as a multi fuel back boiler. 

We make installing a multi fuel thermal store an easy to understand job.