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We are a family business run by Craig Buckle, along with parents Ron and Janet Wilkinson. Ron is a qualified electrician and is a registered HETAS and GAS SAFE engineer, with many years of fitting experience on all types of fires and heating appliances. Craig has fitting experience himself and specialises in Solid Fuel installations. Craig manages the fitting teams, as well as completing surveys and quotes for customers, usually on site. Matt and Angus, take care of spares, manages services, processes orders and manages the showroom. We are situated on Mill Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 1AY, where we have a large car park.

Janet is responsible for the accessory side of the business, dealing with items such as companion sets, spark guards, buckets, log baskets and a large variety of articles for the home. Janet gives experienced advice on the use of the ESSE cookstove, having attended several training courses and owning one herself.

Our gas and electric installations surveys are usually managed by Angus, who has been in the fireplace business for many years, and has in depth knowledge of gas appliances, fire surrounds and fireplace accessories. We have steadily built a solid reputation for high quality advice and guidance to all types of customers seeking to replace their old fireplace and/or fire, and are increasingly involved in providing heating solutions to the whole house, from replacement boilers to complete central heating systems.


Mowbray Fireplaces have been installing and servicing all types of fires and fireplaces since 1997, employing our own local tradesmen who specialise in fitting gas, solid fuel , electric appliances and associated components. Our experience allows us to offer ideas on helping you to design your own special look. Our teams are continually updated on regulations and procedures associated with the safe installation of all types of fuel, (i.e) Gas, Solid Fuel, LPG, Electric. Our work is certificated to comply with standards such as Document J (Building Regulations), HETAS and GAS SAFE. We provide a chimney sweep service compliant with the Institute Of Chimney Sweeps (ICS), where customers are issued with a certificate on completion.

Our teams have gained vast experience over the years in all types of installations, with around 4,000 installations and services. Ron manages the ‘green energy’ side of the business, and surveys, installs and commissions multiple energy systems such as the Xcel Heatbank and other energy efficient boiler feed systems.


We only use products and appliances supplied by high quality manufacturers , using the finest materials. We have a policy of dealing only through selected suppliers to ensure that our customers receive the best services and support.